Helping Underprivileged Youth Get A Higher Education

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    Edu-Tech Enterprises, Inc is a (501 (c) (3)) non-profit organization based in Georgia.
    We help students with out means attend college, the military or vocational school.
    Our students are typically, homeless, in foster care, or without guardians to help them receive a higher education.

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    We operate primarily from donations and personal resources.
    This helps pay for tuition, school supplies, campus visits, application fees, follow-up student visits and operational cost.

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    Our ultimate goal is to help at least 25,000 students attend and successfully graduate from college.
    This year we are focused on helping at least 100 additional students attend college.
    Through your support we can continue not only helping these students attend college but graduate and contribute to society.

Edu-Tech Enterprises, Inc. was founded by Dr. Charles and Dr. Sheila Barker in 2014 to help homeless students and other opportunity youth attend college, the military or vocational school. It all started when a homeless student asked the question...Could You Help Me Attend College? Without reservation, the answer was Yes. The next step was figuring out how to make it possible... Read More

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